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Delivery Services

As a leader in distribution of print advertising, PDC delivers over 250 million telephone directories and other advertising material throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

The Direct Delivery Advantage

Getting your product into the hands of the consumer is essential to the success of your program. Whether you’re distributing a telephone directory, catalogs, product samples, or an advertising piece, direct delivery offers you important advantages over other delivery methods.

Delivery to your consumers door provides a unique presentation of your product, easily distinguishable from the over-crowded mailbox.  Through sophisticated targeting and delivery validation processes, we ensure your message is heard by the right audience.  And with an independent contractor workforce, PDC's direct delivery services set the standard for cost effective distribution.  

Impacting your ROI, one consumer at a time.  That's the PDC Advantage!

PDC Direct Delivery Methods

  • Address specific delivery
  • Door to Door saturation
  • Highly targted delivery
  • Independent validaton audits


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